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Stop segmenting your health: 

See it all. See it Holi!

Digital health tool to manage mental health with a cutting edge holistic approach


A mobile app for evidence-based wellbeing and mental health management through clinically-validated coping methods.

Customized journey via physiological and behavioral patterns, covering the several verticals of health, providing 100% data-driven actionable insights.

Burnout risk assessment, targeted strategies, and alert of harmful levels.

Tailor your Path:

What do you get?

Mood tracker and
Goal setting

Safe space for journaling

Library of digitalized and gamified psychology techniques

Journey overview with burnout and wellbeing assessment

Performance, achievements, and wellbeing analytics

Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed

Possible integration of clinical network

Path personalization via behavioral and physiological biomarkers

Wearable integration for improved accuracy (biofeedback)

Customer support service

For Whom?

For Your Company

Employee happiness & company culture
Productivity increase
Medical leaves reduction
Valuable metrics

For your healthcare institution

Medical teams happiness & wellbeing
Healthcare service quality & productivity improvement
Medical error reduction
Valuable metrics

For you and yours – would you be interested?

Would you like to use HOLI on your own?


For the price of one coffee a day, keep burnout away!
& your whole mental health in check :)

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PCI ⋅ Creative Science Park Aveiro Region Universidade de Aveiro Incubator, 3830-352 Ílhavo